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Ear Candling
How Often Should You Candle?

Ear Candling is used for soothing the symptoms of ear problems and assisting the ear in its natural removal of unwanted, old wax and debris from the ear canal. Because the ear candling process may help the natural elimination of this old earwax, we suggest people allow a day or two between candling sessions.

Use two to four candles per ear during each session. This allows the slow candling process to complete a cycle to benefit the ear, which then replenishes its normal protective earwax within a day or so. If you follow this cycle, you can experience candling along with the change of seasons, about four times a year (or as needed).

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Massage Therapy
Ear Candling
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30 Minute Massage $40 Ear Candling $40
60 Minute Massage $75 Work-Site Chair Massage $1 /Minute
90 Minute Massage $105 Travel Fee
  (Minimum of 8 People Required)
Foot Soak and Reflexology $40
Discount Packages Available—Inquire for Details

Ion Cell Foot Cleanse Treatment
First Session - 35 Minute Massage $40
3 Treatment $90
6 Treatment $165

1 hour $120.00 (Reg price $150.00)
1 massage therapist per person.

Relax with massage therapy, ear candling, and stress management education services from Oakland, California

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